From the beginning, PureLink has been dedicated to making the digital world a better place through their state-of-the-art digital connectivity products and solutions. PureLink’s technologies are deployed worldwide by public, private and governmental sectors. Vertical markets include government and military organizations, broad and post-production facilities, energy sector control rooms, scientific exploration, banking and brokerage, commercial IT, medical imaging, and home theater. Through innovative, reliable products and services, a talented team of thinkers and builders, valuable partnerships, and a responsible approach to business and global citizenship, PureLink is leading the world in imaginative new directions.


PureLink At A Glance

Behind every display, a PureLink solution can be customized to deliver your message in its purest form.

Focused on innovation and quality, PureLink is the leading provider of digital connectivity solutions to commercial audio/video and IT markets worldwide. Since its inception in 2001, PureLink has been committed to developing cutting-edge audio, video, and computer signal processing solutions, constantly driven by the changing needs of the professional customer.



Our Purpose and Values

PureLink: restoring purity to the original form

Digital Video connectivity, in its simplest form, describes the link that carries video and audio signals from source device to display. Along the way, a series of distribution, amplification, conversion, and switching methods manipulate the signal as needed before ultimately delivering it to its destination. Our goal is simple. To restore the “purity” of the original signal by retaining the quality and integrity despite change or disturbance. PureLink – from its products all the way through to its support services and day-to-day operations – strives to refine that process to the point of complete transparency. Nothing more, nothing less. We rely on two fundamental principles:


Our products do not enhance the original signal. Our design philosophy focuses simply on retaining as much fidelity to the original signal as possible, from input to output.


PureLink History