Date added: 11/05/2014 EZ Does It... Just Add Fiber

PureLink's New TOTALWIRE™ EZ-H Cable Offers the Easiest Connect-and-Go Install Solution for HDMI




Experience the newest advancement in fiber transport technology with the  TOTALWIRE™ EZ-H Integrated Optical HDMI Cable. The EZ-H offers the only truly rugged, plug-n-play HDMI over fiber extension solution designed to go beyond the limitations of copper cables. 

Smaller is Better

With its ultra thin, flexible cable (3mm jacket diameter) and small connector, the EZ-H can easily be pulled through conduits and sustain difficult turns for quick, versatile installations. The EZ-H Integrated Optical HDMI Cables support all PC and HDTV resolutions up to 4K/Ultra HD with 36 bit Deep Color and HDCP compliance at a distance of up to 100 meters.

All the Advantages, None of the Hassle

PureLink’s TOTALWIRE™ EZ-H fiber cables are completely self-powered and available in pre-terminated lengths with both plenum and UL riser sleeves. The EZ-H can simply be used as a regular HDMI cable for powerful, long-distance extension without the need for additional extenders, equalizers, or power supplies.

The EZ-H delivers ultimate reliability and convenience for an EZ-In, EZ-Out fiber transport solution.

Key Features


·         Supports all PC and HDTV resolutions up to 4K / Ultra HD

·         Pre-terminated lengths up to 100 meters (328 ft.)

·         Thin and flexible cable with a 5mm bend radius

·         Incorporates active transceivers inside connectors

·         Immune from electrical noise (EMI & RFI)

·         Plug-n-play (no additional power supply required)

·         HDCP Compliant

·         Plenum Rated

For more in depth information on the TOTALWIRE™ EZ-H and the latest in fiber transport technology, please contact our Sales & Support Team at (201) 488-3232 or